Nvidia – Turing Release Film

Nvidia Turing Release Film In order to showcase the release of the RTX Turing cards during Gamescom 2018, we worked with Nvidia on a huge shoot at multiple game studios around europe and crate this exciting wrap up film. Nvidia Promo Film, Gamescom Film Production http://tinydog-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Graphics-Reinvented_-Changing-The-Game-With-GeForce-RTX.mp4

Nvidia – Showcase

Nvidia Showcase Working alongside the industry leaders in AI, automotive & gaming, we create engaging content through video, animation and design. Adapting to the multiple styles and audiences for the Nvidia business groups, TinyDog deliver strategic content for global events across both B2B and B2C markets for new product launches, partner films, developer diaries, and […]

Nvidia – GTC

Nvidia GTC Event Over 5 days, TinyDog took our entire production team to Munich to work alongside the Nvidia creative team to produce over 20 pieces of video content at the international GPU technology conference. With a full onsite editing suite, the workflow was streamlined so content could be uploaded as it happen each day.  […]

Nvidia – Madfinger Games

Nvidia Madfinger Games TinyDog skipped over to Czech Republic to talk to the guys at Madfinger Games about their latest release, Shadowgun Legends. We worked with Nvidia to showcase how the game had been developed to work across devices, including the Nvidia Shield. We spoke to the CEO, Marek Rabas, as well as designers and […]

Nvidia – GeForce Garage

Nvidia GeForce Garage – Turing To showcase the industrial design their new flagship cards, Nvidia needed an equally stunning mod build. Modder Peter ‘L3p’ Brands, created this stunning bespoke PC under the watchful ever lenses of our production team at his workshop in Holland.  Nvidia Geforce Garage Mod PC Film http://tinydog-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/GeForce-Garage-Turing-L3p-Spectre-feat.-GeForce-RTX-2080-Ti.mp4

Nvidia – Deep Learning

Nvidia Deep Learning Explainer Working with tech giant Nivida, we created these multimedia explainer films aimed at demystifying deep learning and AI. With a mixture of animated and filmed content, the outcome was a slick film used on the Nvidia global channels.  Nvidia Explainer Film Film Production http://tinydog-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Why-Is-Deep-Learning-Hot-Right-Now_.mp4

Nvidia – Holstebro

Nvidia Holstebro Case Study Working directly with the Nvidia creative team, we traveled to Holstebro in northern Denmark to capture this partner case study.  Nvidia Partner Case Study Film Production http://tinydog-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/NVIDIA-Customer-Spotlight_-Holstebro-Boosts-Employee-Engagement-with-NVIDIA-GRID.mp4

Nvidia – Autodesk

Nvidia Autodesk Case Study Case study film produced with the Nvidia create team in the US showcasing the rendering power of their GPUs paired with Autodesks work renowned 3D software suite. Filmed at multiple locations, we told the story of the two tech giants working together to help create a more streamlined workflow for 3D […]

Nvidia – Gamescom

Nvidia Gamescom Event Film TinyDog jetted off to Munich to produce on site content for Nvidia. The job demanded timely content to be able to engage audiences and be relevant, so we were set to film and edit quick turnarounds in order to achieve this. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced the launch of their new […]